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Preeclampsia or HELLP-syndrome can be life-threatening conditions in pregnancy for both mother and child.
the main symptoms are blood pressure rises (above 140/90 if normotensive before)
proteins spills in the urine
swollen legs, arms, face, whole body

serious headaches, pain in the upper abdomen, vision disturbances, nausea and vomiting other than in early pregnancy.

If you live in Germany and speak English better than German you may well contact us in our office and ask for Sabine Föhl-Kuse.

If your language is Arabian and you would like counselling in your language please send an email to our office and we will forward it to our contact Dr. Amr Hamza.

If you live outside Germany you can maybe find a support group in your own country:

HELLP Stichting Nederlands

Pre Eclampsia Org in the US

Other groups available in Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy and more,

Addresses and more information will be added soon.

If in doubt do not hesitate to contact us in any case. Please send email to  → Kontaktformular
adressing your enquiry to Sabine Föhl-Kuse. We can arrange a telephone contact to correspond in English.


There is a leaflet available in Arabian explaining in short about the condition Preeclampsia.

Please fill in the contact form if you are interesting, this leaflet is free of charge and comes with postage paid by us.

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